KUUB99 5 april 2016

Posted by mariaan on April 2, 2016

The day after the opening:

It was a very intense nine days! I started with ‘The Kiss’, (the object as shown underneath) as my inspiration and start and I used it to set the mood for the exposition. I wanted it to be light, airy and to capture the transience, the instability and impermanence. I dwelled upon memories of avocado picking with my dad and siblings, who used to make devices to pick the fruit with. I remember a lot of laughter and fun catching the high ‘unreachable’ ones and the loud ‘cracks’ when we failed.

I made some ‘Telepathic Devices’ to also reach up to those things that we only dare to dream of. I set them down unknowingly against the wall and watched and listened to reactions by visitors who carried them around while they looked at the objects. They became part of the work, the spectacle. I heard a lot of comments like: ‘It feels like my partner’, ‘I have authority’, ‘I am on a journey’, ‘I am part of a ritual’, ‘I am The Saint’, ‘It’s about resistance and we are protesting!’, and many more.

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IMG_1686IMG_1688 Day 1

Ninety Nine Square meters does not sound so big, but can be quite intimidating with it’s neutral grey floor and one wall of glaring windows. When I carried my objects in there I felt that I should protect them. They looked so vulnerable and imperfect with every flaw right there in the open for inspection. I could already imagine how  the visitors will look at them, circle them, deciding their worth, their destiny. Shrinking as the bright light of the sun softens them, they are held up only by emptiness. intentions and aspirations. 2016-03-02 21.09.30 copy

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