De Vrije Wolf Exhibition- One day in Jail

Posted by mariaan on January 26, 2016


Constricted by Skin


Suppose we dissolve our external reality into rudimentary shapes, stripped of institutional meaning. What will we see and how would we make sense of these forms if we could see them unbiased? The works exist in such a space, manifesting in forms that are recognizable but unknowable. They strive to evoke emotions and connections in a manner that is both deeply personal, whilst also appearing intuitively familiar, resonating at the level of collective consciousness.


Following this, shape contains us, not the other way round. It separates inside and outside, creating subjectivity whilst reducing us to objects. At this intersection, we find skin, which serves as the barrier between ‘solitude and connection’ (Ricoeur 2005). On a literal level, skin, as the site for our external sensory experiences, invites exploration and intimacy. But then skin also divides when it becomes a receptor of judgment, hatred and discrimination.


By creating new shapes, one aspires to displace existing boundaries (skins), and imagine new ways of relating.


Mariaan van den Berg


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