Hello, I’m Mariaan and this is my CV


Oct 2016


Born: Nylstroom, South Africa.

Now living in the Netherlands for 5 Years at:

Taludweg 9

1215 AA Hilversum,

The Netherlands


Current Study:

HKU Hogeschool voor Kunst Utrecht. 2013-

Bachelor Fine Art- Final Year (4th).



Vioolconcour Tivoli Vredenburg 2015.

One Day in Jail, Wolvenplein (Former Jail), Utrecht.

Solo Exhibition:

Kuub 99, Utrecht.


Work Sold:

Paintings- Private Collectors.

Outdoor Mosaics and Objects- Private

Large Metal Sculpture- Shopping Centre, Randburg.


Previous Studies:

Garden Design- Lifestyle College, Randburg, South Africa.

Hons Degree- Theological Studies

Bachelor- Psychology & Theology


Previous Experience:

Own Garden Design Business- Design and Implementation.


Passions and Interests:

All things natural, self-exploration, stories, myths, sci-fi and all kinds of gadgets.



Playful, hands-on, creative and very happy when asked to work space specific.


Themes and Concepts:

I explore sexuality, inter-relationships, fear loss, searching for fulfillment, linking my past experiences with daily life, but always in a tongue and cheek way, direct but also playful.


Material & Medium:

I work with many different media: metal, wood, paper, plastics, paint ceramics etc. I make objects: 2 & 3 dimensional, videos, stopframes etc.


Contact Details:

Instagram: mariaanvandenbergart



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