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KUUB99 5 april 2016

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The day after the opening: It was a very intense nine days! I started with ‘The Kiss’, (the object as shown underneath) as my inspiration and start and I used it to set the mood for the exposition. I wanted it to be light, airy and to capture the transience, the instability and impermanence. I […]

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Art on the Podium- Vioolconcour Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht

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Like a Shape What if we lived in a world Where forms could be transformed And we could think anew Of how we think we know… On the 6th of February 2016 the spectators will be listening to the talented young violinists performing for a prize. The objects will stare resolutely to the judges and the […]

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De Vrije Wolf Exhibition- One day in Jail

Posted by mariaan on January 26, 2016 in Geen categorie | 1 Comment

  Constricted by Skin   Suppose we dissolve our external reality into rudimentary shapes, stripped of institutional meaning. What will we see and how would we make sense of these forms if we could see them unbiased? The works exist in such a space, manifesting in forms that are recognizable but unknowable. They strive to […]

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